Email Marketing Campaigns | Bull & Cleaver

Bull & Cleaver is an e-commerce drop-shipping company that delivers biltong, a South African snack akin to beef jerky, throughout North America. My email campaigns were centered on the company’s loyal subscriber list. I concepted and crafted the publishing schedule, wrote copy and designed email-friendly graphics, and monitored each campaign using Klaviyo. This work brought engaging and fun emails for our devoted, returning customers.

Spring/Summer Amazon A+ Copy | Lands’ End

Highlighting swimwear and comfort-focused clothing for late spring/summer available on Lands’ End’s Amazon store.

Back to School: Campus Edition | Nuun Hydration

Back to school campus edition. Several items that make going back to school easier. Backpack, water bottle, nuun, sleep mask and headphones

IG copy based on a short blog I wrote: “Since we’re on the ‘night-owl roommate’ topic, grab some wireless headphones too. Listen to the calm winds of a faraway land, or a British voice guiding you along the banks of an ancient river…not “Taylor” fumbling around the mini fridge muttering that their frozen pizza bites are MIA. Sure you ate them, but you can worry about it after you get an amazing night’s sleep.”

Tag! You’re it. | Nuun Hydration

Labor Day Loyalty | Nuun Hydration

Instagram page

Instagram Content for Dark Ritual Coffee Roasters

Put together an Instagram content strategy for a local Seattle coffee roaster. Their metal-inspired brand made it fun to find different ways to connect and grow their audience. Wrote copy, provided photography, photoshopped photos and memes, and created videos.

The Naan-Disclosure Agreement

“Some days I wonder if there are laws in place that technically make me a sandwich con-artist. By that I mean, am I not allowed to make a sandwich at home? Does merely slapping ham on rye mean I’m part of some underground sandwich syndicate?”

book cover for Loving Her Mind by Cecile Bibawy

Loving Her Mind

Using the author’s book cover, narration, and plot description I was able to craft a short and sweet visual summary of Loving Her Mind to assist in marketing for the book launch.

Long Weekend in Annapolis | Lands’ End

“Chicago is tied to its deep-dish pizza, Maine is all about its lobsters, and Texas would be lost without its BBQ. Annapolis is the crab city. Crab legs, steamed crab, crab cakes. The good citizens of Annapolis even walk sideways! (Fact check: no they don’t.)”

Flannel vs. Plaid | Lands’ End

“Years ago in 16th century Scotland, the battle for the throne in the Tartan kingdom led the rough and tough Plaid warriors up against the Flanneled enforcers. Their rivalry was unparalleled, but alas! In the midst of some escalating battle, out came the treasured and legendary garment that would combine the two forces: flannel pajamas. What seemed like a divided country became one with a sharp style that held both the Plaid pattern within the comforts of a Flannel texture. There existed a new bond, one that would carry on for years and years to come.

Actually, that’s not true. But feel free to use that for bedtime story-time.”

How to Get Better Gift Ideas for Friends | Lands’ End

“Have you ever had such a hard time choosing a gift for your best of friends that you’re sometimes whispering to them, ‘Hey, the uh…gift receipt is in there in case you don’t like it.’ And then as you leave the party you think to yourself, ‘What is this, 1988?! I can’t believe I got them a Rubik’s Cube.’ Gift giving should be meaningful, with a display of personality. A great gift rewards a friendship the way a friendship should last.”