Email Marketing Campaigns | Bull & Cleaver

Bull & Cleaver is an e-commerce company that delivers biltong (a South African snack akin to beef jerky) throughout North America. My email campaigns were focused on the company’s loyal subscriber list.

I concepted and crafted the publishing schedule, wrote copy and designed email-friendly graphics, and monitored each campaign using Klaviyo. This work brought engaging and fun emails for our devoted, returning customers.

Spring/Summer Amazon A+ Copy | Lands’ End

Highlighting swimwear and comfort-focused clothing for late spring/summer available on Lands’ End’s Amazon store.

Back to School: Campus Edition | Nuun Hydration

Back to school instagram story outlining the necessities, and highlighting the lifestyle use cases for Nuun. Here’s related writing based on a tangential blog I wrote for the company:

“Since we’re on the ‘night-owl roommate’ topic, grab some wireless headphones too. Listen to the calm winds of a faraway land, or a British voice guiding you along the banks of an ancient river…not “Taylor” fumbling around the mini fridge muttering that their frozen pizza bites are MIA. Sure you ate them, but you can worry about it after you get an amazing night’s sleep.”